What you will get and learn with this eBook

  • Over 200 Pages of appetizingly sweet content

    With over 200 pages of easy-to-follow useful information and lots of photographs, your cooking would be like a sweet adventure, which will not only make you happy, but also everyone around you.

  • The Art of making delicious Curries

    Curries are heart of Indian Foods. Whether you eat rice, bread, or any other main dish, you will need curries to complement the rich flavour of your Indian food palate.

  • Fast and easy ways to make tasty Snacks

    You are hungry, and in no mood to cook a full meal. No worries. You could prepare some healthy Indian Snacks which will not only make you feel fuller, but also save you lots of time and energy.

  • Master to cook the varieties of Indian Breads - The real rulers of taste

    Most of the Indian Food is incomplete without having a well cooked Indian Bread to go by. Learn to cook tasty Naans, Chapatis, Parathas, and many other breads, which, until now, you have only tasted at the restaurants.

  • 100's of colorful Pictures show you the real secrets of Indian Food Styling

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine having 100's of them. How many words would that be worth. Learn the art of Food Styling using them and impress your friends. It's fun, and it immediately puts you as an Expert.

  • Chutneys, Beverages, Desserts and more

    Experience the same dish in different flavours by using contrasting Chutneys, steamy hot or ice cold Beverages, and aromatic Desserts, complementing your personal mood.

I am a big fan of Indian Food. However I did not quite know how to cook it. But with this book, my search for a well-written how-to cookbook is finally over. It's a must have for any Indian Food lover.
Sally Johnson
Sally Johnson ★★★★★
Wife & a mother
(United States)
Cooking delicious looking tasty dishes is hard. This book makes it easy for you.
Peter Phillips
Peter Phillips ★★★★★
Restaurant Owner
(London, UK)
After trying just a couple of dishes from the book, I could easily understand the effort put into the recipes presented in this book by Anupama.
Maya Tara
Maya Tara ★★★★★
Busy business executive
(Delhi, India)

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  • By learning traditional and modern dishes, you can cook deep combinations of food, and please everyone in your family and friends.
  • Varieties of Recipes from North to South will give you the real taste of India.
  • The authentic recipes presented in this book will show you the complete Indian Cooking methods, and guide you to make authentic Indian dishes perfectly for any occasion.
  • Easy-to-follow, step by step instructions will help you greatly in building your cooking skills.
  • 100's of mouth-watering images will make all your senses come alive.
  • With amazingly wide variety of foods presented, you will be able to create entirely new meals with an adventure and enormous excitement.
Greatest Indian Recipes eBook

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A word from the Author

This book is all about making you an expert at Indian Cooking, whether you have never cooked the indian way before, or you have been cooking it for years, and still want to learn to cook indian dishes faster, and in a more tastier and healthier way, this book is for you.

Now you can cook your favourite Indian Food at home, and get the same divine and authentic taste which you have always enjoyed in your restaurant meals.

In this book, you would learn the secrets and art of Indian cooking, and after learning them, you will surely be amazed with the outcomes.

With this book in your hand, you have found a hidden treasure; a treasure where you would get a touch of spices and angelic aroma of indian food, a secret which will induce your Indian spice palate.

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